I'm Kristeen. NSFW blog occasionally, lover of books, music and video games. Talk to me sometime!
where'd ya go?

No where!

Try fallenfirebender


What kind of video games do you play and do you have psn? ☺️

I do have PSN! it is ITSKRISSY1901! :) I play a bunch of game. Recently I have beat Starcraft, so I’ve got that going for me haha.

I'm sorry if this is odd and random, but it is a question I wondered about after seeing an old episode of "Knight Rider" on TV. If you came across a dead body, how would you react?

I would probably be freaked out! Then I would proceed to poke it with a stick until police got there. How would you react?!

Favourite books??

Oh god, so many. Terry Goodkinds Wizard’s First Rule, LoTR, Harry Potter. Lol I could go on for years about this!

What's your favorite game? Seeing you like video games and all.

The Last of Us! :) What’s your favorite game?